Random lag spikes that only effect me

  • Since the 10th i have been having this issue where at times i will get this random lag spike (not sure what else to call it) where i will jump ahead 15+ feet but my ping will stay the same, as will my fps. it will only happen for about 2 second’s and then the game will be back to normal with me being the only person effected, tho others do see my lag jump. i have searched the forum’s and tried pretty much everything i could to fix this (delete/reinstall,checking my firewall,checked for viruses/malware, changing certain files to help fps ect ect).

    after none of that worked i contacted dell and spent a few hours going over my pc with them to see if it was a issue on my end. everything checked out fine, so i did the same with my internet provider same result no problems found. so i completly deleted chivalry and steam, re-installed them both but it didn’t fix my issue. after a suggestion from a friend i tried playing other graphic heavy multiplayer only games to see if dell/my isp missed something, to my surprise the only game i have any issues playing is chivalry.

    i hope someone can help, im clueless and need my chiv fix!
    i also added the dxdiag log (hopefully anyway first time adding a attachment to a forum) incase its needed.

  • I have the exact same problem, though I’ve had it for a few weeks now. I get a constant 50-60fps and a ping of around 40, but still randomly jerk forwards. It mainly seems to happen when I’m running, though maybe it’s just more noticeable then.

    It’s almost unplayable, since you keep warping around at random intervals.

    Dxdiag also attached.

  • Honestly I already posted a thread about this. I didn’t get a response. Maybe this will thread will have more hope for a response.

  • i recently bought a new pc and the problem still persist’s. it’s making the game unplayable, nothing i try to do to fix the issue work’s. for me this is a chivalry only issue, no other multiplayer games i have tried have this issue.

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