Thoughts on beta

  • Class balance ( main issue )

    The biggest problem with balancing classes correctly is tunnel vision. One must not focus on one mechanic soley because it kicks his ass too much in the game. For example…

    The huge nerf coming to the man at arms.

    It is true that a good man at arms can kick your ass no matter how good you are, however you must think about other ways to go about this
    OTHER than… NERF IT!

    The game is heavily team based in high level play, and attaining a perfect balance ( rock paper scissors ) to each class is the key.

    Think about it like this in basic terms, maa beats knight, knight beats vangaurd, and vangaurd beats maa. If it is not working like this then something is off.

    So lets take a closer look shall we?

    The man at arms is heavily based on using stamina. He dodges constantly, back then forward landing blows at will, which is one of the reasons people rage at them and call them op.

    Now instead of nerfing them, lets look at their counter class… The vangaurd. With heavy weapons, and his charge attack it would make sense for him to drain stamina when parried.

    So instead of nerfing the maa stamina, or dodge, give the ability to take it away to another class… Right now the vangaurd charge is useless in high level play…

    You will NEVER catch a good player doing it in a competitive match… Why? Because it leaves you so open, another good player will take you out in the blink of an eye. BUT, if we gave them a reason to do it, it may actually be used…

    The vangaurd charge needs to have stamina draining buffs is what i’m getting at.

    When you do a vg charge you leave yourself open, but if you land the hit it will do alot of damage, and if you don’t do damage but land the parry, it will drain the maa’s stamina to the point where he cant dodge spam, therefore countering the maa…

    The knight already perfectly counters a vg, ask any vg that gets 2 shotted by a knight, and has to put in work to take him down to half health. ( btw I’m a knight, so no bias here. )

    Also I would suggest the ability for the vg charge swing to go through blocks to hit people that have not blocked it. ( meaning if you block it you wont take damage, but the swing will still pass through to another team mate. )

    The reason I suggest these is because they are a way smoother, and more balanced approach
    to buffing the vg charge, instead of making him teleport like he does in the beta.

    Next would be weapon nerfs and buffs… We have to stop looking at weapon base speeds, and start focusing on a smoother animation.

    We can’t have a weapon that has a slow windup directly followed by a lightning swing, or vise versa.

    It doesnt matter what you do to the base speed, the uneven swing will still throw you off. Smoother animations is key.

    Granted there are some obvious weapons that need speed changed, but I don’t think I need to go into that, most of you have it handled.

    Lastly, I would like to bring up feints. Feints need to be counterable, while not being completely destroyed like they are in the latest beta.

    The key to making balanced feints is making them have use and hard to counter, but still possible to counter.

    If the feint is so fast it becomes a guessing game, it needs to be changed yes, but not to the point where you take away all of the uses for it.

    Combo feint to parry is an important part of high level play. I beleive combo feints should have a good delay to them… Perhaps 0.4 seconds whilst canceling the delay for a parry. a small delay, but good enough to block the next swing after a combo feint if you’re fast enough.

    Another reason combo feints need to be kept is avoiding friendly fire. Friendly fire is already a huge issue, and taking away the easiest way to avoid it will borderline break teamplay.

    The last thing about feints that could use a delay is feinting late into the strike for obvious reasons. Other than that, feints should be left alone.

    And last but not least, STOP " BALANCING " THE GAME AND FIX THE GAME BREAKING BUGS FIRST. Thank you and goodnight.

  • @k9j60:

    And last but not least, STOP " BALANCING " THE GAME AND FIX THE GAME BREAKING BUGS FIRST. Thank you and goodnight.

    Been advocating this for ages.

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