I lit up the fire myself! - a story

  • So it was attack on hillside, our team was really not the best and we were up against…my god…a lot of good players: an archer who was just raping the hell out of our team and me, Thomi who´s a good player all around and a fun guy.
    2 minutes were remaining and the masons have moved up almost to our spawn. I was like: Ok, the only way to win this is to sneak around, use my beastly SoW tactic to clean my way through and just light the goddamn pyre. So I went on the left side, through the caves, killed 2 guys in my way, was down to 15 hitpoints so I lit up the fire and hid beneath the ledge to heal up a bit.
    After about 20 seconds I realized I need to get up there and fuckin´ defend the pyre!! As soon as I left my cover I ran into 4 people and just slaughtered them all, didn´t even see it coming :D . Moved up to the pyre and killed 2 archers before finally going down to a knight.
    But I succeded!!! I lit up the goddamn pyre and we moved on to the next stage! YES! Feel like a fuckin´ beast….

  • I congratulate you on your achievement sire.

    If that were me, my path to glory would suddenly be blocked by a lone quarterstaff wielder, who I would then embarrassingly allow to end my heroic journey, whilst inexplicably trying really hard.

    Tis the will of the gods…

  • I also really tend to hate on myself when I am the last one that can save my team and I screw up. Should I be mad at myseld? Should my team be mad at me?

  • They should vote-kick you ;)

  • Engaging anecdote brethren, please impart it to us once more.

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