GLADIATOR-game mode

  • This could be very similar to dueling but it differs where you have another rank and load out (needing to be unlocked as always,and far larger than one class) that follows you from gladiator server to server.This is a great chance to freshen up the game and give players who have done it all to play something foreign and have to re-collect weapons again.Also creating an opportunity to creat some new weapons like punching daggers, nets etc.

    Maybe you start with nothing unlocked and all you can do is duel with your fist,then when you get to gladiator rank (insert number here) you unlock a dagger,then punching daggers progressing to big and better gear.While we’re talking about gear it was mentioned in a video regarding updates and such that there would be more character customization,well this is somewhere to aww your patrons torn banner.I would love nothing more than enter an arena an find myself facing a burly and rugged looking champion then in the next match fight a elegant fast adversary.the class and customization could be done by choosing the vanguard, archer, m@a, and knight body type BUT NOT RESTRICTING YOU to certain weapons though it is understandable that speed buffs and de-buffs should be fitted accordingly to each body type.

    My favorite map for atmosphere might actually be the arena and There doesn’t just have to be one,there could be a very large map filled with obscurities,a multileveled and pristine arena,or the blood stained “cage” where combatants go to die.

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