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  • first i wanna say im a guy wiht a usual slow internet connection. my downloadrate is around 250kb. im used to “highpings” and all that. but recently ive seen that the browser ONLY provides me with pings above 100+. (most are 150+ some of em even 700).
    noew my connection is as “strong” as it was but i dont understand why i cannot really connect to any good servers. back then i had a usual ping of 70+, but now its least 100…

    edit: i lose connections to the servers (or they crashed) more than ever atm.

    any idea what i could do?

  • Hi, I will try and help how ever I can.

    I know you say it’s never been great for you, but download rate being on the lower scale doesn’t necessary mean establishing/maintaining a connection with external connections will noticeably suffer. I.e I used to be on a lower speed of 200 - 400 kb/s, now I’m on 3mb/s but ping has been great on both.

    The time it takes your computer to communicate with another device and visa versa can be based upon endless reasons, however often comes down to a smaller group of typical issues.

    When you say ‘strong’ connection, do you mean wirelessly?

  • with strong i meant the connection is the same it was when i had lower pings. i did not change any options what so ever. on other games i have my usual ping and my dlrate is still the same.

    what i was trying to find out what could cause it, that my ping is so high atm.

    again i ask, what is your suggestion?

  • Very little you can do about ping. If you use the alternate server browser (my sig under the girls) then you can see the IP address and from start->run->cmd
    ping<ip address="">

    that will give you the true ping to the server.

    Primarily what affects ping is your ISP. If you have a wireless issue then maybe running a cable from your router to your PC will help. Apart from that just make sure there is no virus using your internet connection.</ip>

  • mh gonna check on that first. many thx.

  • Use the alternate browser, as kindly pointed out by greg, find the closest hosted server to you and ping it using the command console as Greg suggested, what is the reading?

    What is your usual low good ping for other games? If you are certain you still have your ‘usual’ ping on other games and the issue is isolated to chiv as i believe you say, I fail to see how feasible changing from wireless to wired would be as a direct resolution. Regardless, naturally wired is more stable than wireless, especially for gaming.


  • well again thx for your help.

    the pings in other games havent changed yet for me. still the same old same old. but chivalry is still highpinging around. well not much you can do about it. and i didnt actually say i wanted to change anything about my internet connection its not wireless and its not going to be wireless. apologies if i made any confusion anyhow.

    edit: my usual ping ranges, depending on the game/ server, from 60+ -> 90 max

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