Host your mods on Strategy Informer

  • Hello everyone,

    I’m Jamie, the managing editor from

    We’re hoping to help Chivalry: Medieval Warfare’s community with a decent place to host files. A secondary source if you like, forums are main resource, but we’re hoping we can provide a decent place for the forum people to host their mods and find them easily. Like a list.

    I hope we’ll get the support of the community, we’ve already got quite a few people uploading mods, but we’re always searching for more. We’ve created an upload tool for you. It would be great if you link back to the forums, and link back to the download page on the forums. So we’re like exchanging links, more people know about it then, and we’ll help drive traffic towards the forums.

    Hopefully this is something that might interest you all, if you’re looking for a decent place to host and group mods. We’re welcome to feedback of course :)


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