Texture Problem

  • Being a newb to Unreal Editor, I can’t seem to figure out how to give textures to walls and such. I drag onto the wall or floor and instead I get a NO-GO sign…

    Is there something I am missing? Do I need to do something first, or is this happening for everyone else?

  • You need to assign Materials, not textures. Materials are what are used on the objects. Textures go into making a material. You can assign them to any actor (mostly) by bringing up properties with F4, then going to the static mesh properties, rendering, and hitting the green arrow to assign whatever material you have selected in the content browser.

  • To add to Andrew, you can also drag and drop the material, but it is more accurate to assign it.

    To make your material after importing. Right click into the package/folder you wish to create your new material (texture). Then give it a name and such and open it by double clicking after creating it.

    Then drag the texture into the new Material Editor window that pops up. Suggest creating bump/height maps for your texture and importing those too. Creating/making the textures will take some playing and tinkering around.

    Afterwards, assign the marterial to the object of your choosing.


  • Here’s a Tutorial if it helps!


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