This isn't Mario Bros! (jump on someone = glitch)

  • Hello there!
    I was playing with a friend of mine. We were fighting each other in stairs, and then I decided to jump over him to be on the other side of it. By doing so, I jumped on his head, and this happened: … =152786415 … =152786450 … =152757761

    For some unknown reason, he went ragdoll and was inside the ground. He was still alive.

  • This thread title gave me a fantastic idea for a mod. Thanks.

  • yeah he got the glitch where it shows u in 3rd person view, and u kinda ragdoll around like that.
    ive noticed if u spam ur mouse buttons when u land on the ground it will sumtimes come bk and be playable but u will get a syndrome that we call the slides,lol

    if u load ur bow when running and jumping, when u land u will literally slide across the ground a few feet like u were pressing a movement key, its very does go away when u die though.

    i have noticed this glitch only seems to happen when u come in contact mid air with sum1s head,
    maybe the buggy player mesh has sumthing to do with it?

  • All I remember was he was at the bottom of the stairs while I was in the middle of it. He moved foward with an overhead and I tried to jump over him with an overhead, but I landed on him instead, and he went ragdoll. I’m sure it has to do with jumping on the head of someone, since the one in the air is always boucing up, while the one one the ground has some random effects, like that one.

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