As good as a girlfriend… right?

  • Well, I completed my PC upgrades, went with a black and white theme, it’s rather incredible so far. I got a Swiftech H220 liquid cpu cooler. From the stock fan to this, I’m seeing a 35 Celsius difference in idle, almost 40 in prime95 load. Maxed on all cores for 3 hours, I didn’t go above 47 Celsius, and that’s at 1.25 volts and 4.3 Ghz (I will push it higher if I can).

    The case is a Corsair 600T white edition. Very sturdy case, mid tower but it’s almost as large as the full tower it’s replacing, with much more functionality, tons of cable management… overall extremely impressed with it.

    Then the AX 860i power supply. Beyond stable. Voltages barely move even overclocking the cpu, +12v rail is sitting at 11.98. Efficiency averages over 90%. :)

    I’m still waiting on the final piece, an Asus GTX 770. I was going to get a 780, but reason kicked it. It’s definitely faster, but the difference isn’t really worth almost $300 extra.

    Got a couple pictures here, just from my camera… not the best, but it will do for now. Very happy everything went smoothly, if you upgrade or build computers, you always have that moment when everything is put together, plugged in, and you just have to press the power button. That’s a tense moment. You push it, nothing happens… your heart races. Then you realize you forgot to switch the power supply on. :|

  • Nice.

    I’m feeling the urge to upgrade my PC… must resist…

  • Bah, why is the last image distorted? I edited it down in size in photobucket like the first.

    Oh well, just click it to see.

  • Nice Setup. If I didn’t just build my desktop last year I’d probably be upgrading mine too(even though it doesn’t need it lol). I love building PC’s.

  • But does it make you a sammich?

  • depends on the girlfriend

  • Also should note that my current gpu is a 560ti. It’s a solid card, it was incredible 2 years ago when I got it, but it is showing age now. For Chivalry I’m generally okay, but there are far more intense games out there. I really want to max out Witcher 2. ;)

  • The 670 card would be the sweet spot for that rig. Those should be pretty reasonable soon.

  • The 770 is much better, it’s basically a supercharged 680. :D

  • Oh yeah, the 770 is a monster! I meant the sweet spot of price/performance. Once the 760/770/780 series is fully out, you’ll be able to get a 670 at a great price. The boost from PCI-E 3.0 is nice.

  • Is it? I heard the difference between 2.0 and 3.0 is very minor. Cards just cannot even saturate the bandwidth of 2.0 yet. I don’t think even a Titan can.

    I hate when you order a part on, the Canadian site, yet it still ships from LAX… 4,700 km away. -_-

  • @The:

    Well, I completed my PC upgrades,

    Does that mean you can send me your hand-me-downs… so I don’t have to 800x600 anymore? :D

  • Quick! Swarm him like zombies to take his parts!

  • This is my girlfriend for the time being. I might need to upgrade her but it’s okay.
    This is pre-cord management btw.

  • @NoVaLombardia:


    Well, I completed my PC upgrades,

    Does that mean you can send me your hand-me-downs… so I don’t have to 800x600 anymore? :D

    Already have people lined up for them. :(

    I do feel bad you have to play at such a terrible resolution.

  • @NoVaLombardia:


    Well, I completed my PC upgrades,

    Does that mean you can send me your hand-me-downs… so I don’t have to 800x600 anymore? :D

    Start budgeting/get a job/go to newegg? Don’t know your situation, so whichever applies better =p

  • Not exactly related but while we are talking about computers, I though I would show off my work laptop + the reason why I never get anything done on it.


  • What is with cats and computers…

  • @The:

    What is with cats and computers…

    They love the warmth. Same reason those bastards sleep on my car hood when I get home.

  • Kitties are the bestest!

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