Connection to host has timed out.

  • I usually don’t have any problems when playing Chivalry but on a few servers I always get the error message “connection to host has timed out” after about 20 seconds of playing. I’m not sure why this happens because my friends can connect to these servers just fine. This error doesn’t affect all servers just one or two.

  • How many days has this occurred?

  • This has occurred since January or February.

  • Do you know if you could connect to these specific servers before jan/feb without incident - as it could either be an issue your side or server side. The fact that it is isolated to a minority of servers which you cannot maintain a connection with makes me want to know more about these servers, what is your ping for them?

  • I first started playing on these servers in January/February so I’m not sure if these issues would have occurred before then. My ping in these servers ranges from 50 to about 90.

  • So you used to be able to successfully connect to them?

    The ping between you and the server is good… Strange…

    If most work apart from these then i’d just stick to other servers, but if you really want to take it further, try looking here at the list of potential server solutions.

    Best regards

  • Ok thanks and I’ve always had these issues on those specific servers.

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