I became invincible, temporarily.

  • That was an interesting glitch that happened to me. I was. Playing on stoneshill Derek g the walls when a team mate hits me and at the same moment a catapult rock lands near me. This happened at he exact same time.

    And my health and stamina bad just dissapeared.

    So I quite happily mowed down all the masons soaking up hits. I was a vanguard. I got hit about 20 times before my Health and stamina bars reappeared after injuring myself jumping off a small ledge. They appears again at full health (minutes the 2 hit point lost from falling, still had full stamina).

    I then got killed.

    No one votekicked me. No one even complained at all. Even though I had just blatantly murdered 11 masons in one go, 7 of which were all in the same place and would have seen me take hits. I was by the barn and that bunch had just spawned all together.

    So random glitch that happened. No idea what caused it at all.

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