[Mod Suggestion] Rise of the Heroes

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    Hey guys,

    Since I finally had some free time this week, I thought about a new possible mod and came up with this idea. You guys tell me if you find it interresting and want me to go further…

    The main idea of this mod is to export the existing combat system into a funny heroic fantasy theme. I can already hear the “realistic simulation games lovers” scream but please wait ;-) read it all before judging.

    So in this mod, the actual classes would be replaced by heroes with special abilities. I had tons of different ideas that I put aside to stay close to the actual game mechanics. The challenge here is to create a mod that would be “not too difficult” to develop but also playable on the already existing content such as the actual maps & mod.

    To make this mod more viable in a game wich has already many combinaisons and different keys, I decided to limit the number of abilities and to split them in 2 categories. The passive abilities wich are part of the hero’s movement/mechanics and don’t require any special new key to be activated. And the active abilities wich require a key to be activated but those are very limited since every hero has only one.

    I haven’t think about all the details yet but I think it would also be important to change the basic mechanics such as the running speed limit, the jump’s height and some others to make the gameplay fit more to this heroic theme.

    All the pictures that you can see in this post are not the final content, it’s just here to give you a vague idea on how I have imagined the characters. On those pictures, some of the heroes don’t even carry the correct weapon.

    So with this mod, instead of the actual classes, you would be able to play one of these heroes :


    Veteran amongs the soldiers, he is always the first to charge the ennemy.

    Armor : Medium
    Speed : Medium


    • Sword of war
    • Throwing axes (2)


    Years of war have made the captain extremely tough, increasing his stamina pool to 150%.

    Even when he is walking, the captain can suddenly run almost beyond human speed during a brief moment before progressively decelerating. (This ability has nothing to do with the actual vanguard charge. Speed limit and duration not yet decided - FOV’s captain might be slightly increased during the charge)



    Filthy and scared, he is here to avenge his village.

    Armor : Low
    Speed : High


    • Fork
    • Throwing torch (1)


    Having spent his entire life in the mud, the peasant stinks so much that getting hit by his fork or even parrying it makes his ennemies dizzy for a brief moment. (Same effect as to be drunked in the tavern. Dizziness time duration not yet decided)

    Not very brave in times of war, the peasant had to escape death so often that he has now developped the ability to dodge his ennemies. (Basically works as the Maa dodge or might be better. Not decided yet)

    I imagined the throwing torch mechanics as the fire pot ones. Why not a fire pot then? Because a torch fits more to the peasant. You won’t be able to put fire to houses though.



    Agile and sneaky, be ready to play hide and seek.

    Armor : Low
    Speed : High


    • Dagger
    • Throwing knifes (5)


    Being invisible for living, the thief is able to completely desapear as long as she doesn’t move for 1 second. She will immediatly reapear if she moves, attacks, parries, kicks or jumps. (Still not sure if this ability should set the assassin’s opacity to 0% or 1-5%)

    Extremely agile, she can perform fast, high and long jumps allowing to bypass or escape many obstacles.



    A true walking catapult, this war machine is perfect for siege situations.

    Armor : High
    Speed : Low


    • Maul
    • Throwing boulders (2)


    Made only of steel, the Golem can’t be flinched.

    Feed with coal, the golem can expulse black smoke from his body creating perfect smoke screen to hide the coming charge or retreat. (Works basically as the actual smoke pot but in black. The smoke is not thrown as a pot but expulsed from the golem’s mouth so the reach and shape of the smoke screen might be different. You won’t be able to smoke the entire map since the previous smoke screen desapears as soon as the next one is expusled)

    I haven’t decided/imagined yet the mechanics about the throwing boulder. Maybe will it be less lethal than the actual boulder, maybe the damage radius will be smaller.
    At first, I imagined the Golem as a 2,5m machine then I realised that there are some relatively tiny doors in some of the actual maps so I finally decided that it would have a more or less normal size. Downloading updated maps is not what I want for this mod.


    ps: All the characters & abilities name and even the title of this mod might change when I will feel more inspired :D

  • Please go on with it …?

  • So…DOTA/LoL in first person?

  • Oh the thief… I think I love you…

  • @JackieChan1050:

    Please go on with it …?

    Thx dude but to be honnest, if so few people seems to be interrested than I guess it must be a bad idea after all. Not sure if I will go on…


    Oh the thief… I think I love you…

    I thought about you before I decided the thief would be a girl ;)


    So…DOTA/LoL in first person?

    Yea of course I’ve had some inspirations from other games ;)

    The thief camouflage is clearly inspired by Teemo in LoL.

    Golem idea comes from the Iron golem in Dark souls
    but also from the this character’s build

    And the charge ability from captain comes from Rhino in warframe

  • That Captain picture is badass as hell.

  • @ChuckingIt:

    That Captain picture is badass as hell.

    it is from Dark Souls, it should be

  • Cool ideas. I think this type of thing could stand for 1 or 2 more classes to fill in the gaps a bit, but it would be fun to play.

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