Griefing/Bug in Stoneshill

  • It’s probably been stated or is known, but we were defending against the battering ram in Stoneshill in Team Objective and a team mate of ours decided to batter our door down himself. He then immediately killed our own king after he spawned losing us the map. Seems like you shouldn’t be able to destroy your own structures and regicide is generally frowned upon.

    Lately it seems like you can’t kill the king, the tag just jumps from player to player and the players marked as king aren’t skinned like him.

    I had another weird bug another round when I was using the catapult as Mason and was attacked by an enemy, knocking me off of it. I killed the attacker and went back onto the catapult and suddenly the catapult and I were WAY up in the sky above the map, as soon as I released I was instantly back on the ground but the catapult was gone (just the little pile of ammo was there). When I tried to use it again I was back WAY up in the sky with it. It seemed that other players could use it and see it just fine.

  • I don’t know if you can take FF off the king, but I think it’s really worth it to make the ram unusable by the defending team.

  • Bug confirmed, I tested too… I could destroy the gate with battering ram when on defending team.

  • We know about them. They didn’t make it in today’s patch but they will be fixed. :)

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