Friday Update: What we're up to! June 14, 2013

  • Hello! It’s time once again for our Friday Update, for the week of June 14!

    We’ve just been bombarding you with all kinds of fun things lately and this week is no different!

    1. Mod Tools + SDK: Yes, we released this in alpha stage on our beta app 3 days ago and the response has been enormous. People have really been looking forward to this and now that it’s out to be played with, expect to see all kinds of new and fun content that will keep you entertained for hours! Keep in mind that this is still in the early stages, so it won’t be released to the live game for some time, but enjoy playing with it and creating your content in the meantime.
      There are lot of good tutorials out there, so be sure to search around! Also, it’s very important that you read through our SDK documentation carefully, so you understand how everything works prior to starting and while you are getting setup. Our documentation can be found here: … ivalry+SDK

    2. Emblem Contest: In case you missed it the first time, we have an emblem contest going on right now! The lucky winners will get their emblem put into our game in our customization setup and receive a peasant hat for their characters!
      Full details here: viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14449

    3. We’ve brought back our IRC channel so come chat with us!
      Channel: #tornbanner on QuakeNet

    4. CU1 Patch 2 Beta 6 RC 1 is now updated on the beta app!

    Yes, yet another beta update, but we’re down to the wire and after this one, we should be releasing into the live very soon!

    Here are the changes that were done:

    • If you’re kicked during shield drop you’re no longer special dazed, only if the kick connects against an active block.
    • If you’re hit in release on the server, but you’re in transition on the client, it forces you into recovery. I.E. client and server are now properly syncing release-flinch.
    • Shields should have a .3 longer drop time if you raise your shield while in recovery. This is in the same vein as recovery parries not allowing counterattacks.
    • Tapping block with a shield while deflected extends your shield drop by the remaining time in your deflect, so you can’t abuse shield tap to attack quickly after being parried or hitting a wall.
    • Projectile stickys should now show up on characters when they’re hit, both when they’re alive or dead.
    • Flinch is now 1.1 for two handed weapons.
    • Kicks now have a 1 second cool down.
    • You can no longer attack during pre-round freeze in duel mode (IE. Archers).
    • Pole Hammer sprint attack fixed (no longer able to move freely in any direction during the attack).
    • Dodging during recovery should only apply to attack recovery, not parry recovery (same as live).
    • The panic parry function should only work in an attack recovery, not a parry recovery.

  • explain panic parry plz, looking forward to map editor ownage :), i havent made maps since warcraft2 I might give it a go

  • I would assume the panic parry is the moment when you are suddenly changed to defensive quickly and you keep hitting block over and over but the attacker doesn’t hit you, and then they would take advantage of said moment to hit you at an opportune time.

  • Panic parry is the ability to parry in recovery for 25 stamina added in the previous beta.

  • Does panic parry have its own animation? I imagine a panic parry would have a wobbly looking transition or something. :P

  • No new animation. Your weapon just timewarps in front of you.

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