A few changes and bugs

  • hi everyone.

    i got a few things that i think needs to be a little bit diffrent


    not sure if this is a bug but sometimes when people use the balista they stand to the left of it instead of behind it.

    on darkfall you can get stuck on the side of the rocks.


    i feel that the knights running speed is to fast at the momemt is doest seem right that a knight i full armor can run just has fast as a archer.

    After you shoot whit the longbow it take forever to draw your sword

    feel free to say your opinion :)

  • Make knight any slower and it will be useless. He is already the slowest class.

  • The Knight is only 10% slower than the archer/MaA while walking, and they sprint at the same speed. Making him a bit slower wouldn’t ruin him, but it isn’t likely to happen - the developers don’t want any one class to be better or worse at doing objectives or staying with the team. If the knight couldn’t keep up with his man-at-arms teammates it’d just discourage team play.

  • make other classes faster? :-) i think running to a point take a little to much time. Maybe speed should be a little more 5 % each and 3 % the knight.

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