[WEP] Korgawrath's Zweihander Guide to Slaughter!

  • Listen up because I rarely give my insight and tactics away so freely. I’ve been playing Vanguard since beta and I only play Vanguard. I have used most of their two handed weapons but 90% of the time I use Zweihander, the other 10% is for Brandistock. I really like the Zweihander because if I am accurate and can trick my opponent I can kill and move to the next opponent quicker then most other people.

    Some of my scores, I usually go top of the map on normal servers.

    http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/7656 … reenshots/ Some of my screenshots, look for me in the US WEST TO servers.

    It’s also important to know when to use which attack. Slashing is just as important as overhead strikes. I’m going to share with you guys some of my basic tactics and how I use them against what classes. I will get in depth with how I fight most classes.


    Assist your teammates: I cannot stress how important this is and also how careful you have to be when doing this. If you see an ally engaged in a 1v1 you want to wait for the chance to get in an overhead. A single overhead will kill an injured opponent or against a knight bring him into killing range for your ally. However if you see two or three opponents fighting a single enemy this is not your fight. Your sword is too dangerous to fight near that many allies, wait for them to die or finish the fight on their own. Stay below 10% teammate dmg.

    Terrain use: You have one of the most damaging weapons in the game remember that. I often will hide behind terrain depending on the map I’m on and ambush. LOTS of good locations exist. For example on HILLSIDE as Masons right as Agatha run up towards the first campfire, there’s a small wall you can hide behind. I jump out and overhead for easy kills.

    RMB: Parry
    Thumb: Alt Slash
    Thumb2: Alt Overhead
    WheelDown: Overhead
    Wheelup: Stab
    Q: Feint
    R: Perspective Change

    Weapon Overview (order of most used.)

    Slash and Alternate slash: The Zweihander has incredible range, I use this most when face away from my opponent then dragging it back towards them. They think I’m running then get hit by the very end of it’s slash. Find a tree and test to see if you can hit the tree both with the very beginning and very end of the path. You want to be able to alternate between making these attacks fast and slow. KNOW YOUR RANGE, you cannot slash effectively if you don’t know your max range, this will be useful for fighting all classes.

    Overhead: This is your damage, this is how you one and two shot all classes. This is your MAA killer, your archer slayer and your method to two shot knights. Incredibly effective! Learning to drag this attack can let you cleave through multiple opponents.

    Stab: I hardly ever use my stab attack with the Zweihander, I’m too busy spamming LMB most of the time. This attack is useful on a parry or as a poke. Why arent you overheading instead?

    Sprint Attack: Until next patch this is most useful for fall damage mitigation. If you WALK off a ledge instead of jumping off, you can sprint attack mid air, this will reduce your fall damage if done correctly and you can use sprint attack to propel you into good ambushes.

    Kick: Only ever useful against shields, I hardly will ever kick a MAA’s shield, they can punish too hard if you miss. I will Overhead Feint Kick Overhead most of the time.

    Alt overhead: Only useful against bad shield users

    Advanced Tactics

    Perspective Switching: I map my perspective switch to R so I can quickly and easily switch between 1st and 3rd person view. I am deadly accurate with attacks and parries in first person view. I slash dance, duck and monitor my enemies with 3rd person. EVERY Zweihander user should spend some time in 3rd person view, It will give you a good idea on how to wrap your slashes around your opponents.

    Footwork: Knowing how to constantly move in combat is a vanguard’s biggest advantage. If you move into battle and stop and start to walk, you’ve made yourself vulnerable to arrows and hindered your ability to dodge. A good tactic I use is to run past a Knight diagonally on his weapon side(assuming he’s using a shield.) Alternate slash so it wraps around to hit him in the back, you then turn full towards him and combo slash on the shield side, If he turns towards you like they normally do, your combo slash will hit at the beginning of its animation and right behind him on his shield side. I usually get two free hits like this. CONSTANTLY move and swing…you can create a zone of damage.

    Slash-Dancing: I sometimes swing knowing full well I will be missing, But I do this to keep my opponents at range, Noobs will run at my swings and die as I am accurate at defending myself in 360 motion. If you keep constantly running while zoning you prevent people easy ins. Always slash towards the opponent who thinks your not looking. Aim for the head, A slash to the head one shots an archer.

    Mouse-Dragging: Look up a guide for this, by dragging your Zweihander back or fourth with your mouse you can delay it to hit right after their parry drops, Or you can make it hit right after wind-up. You can also drag your overhead to hit infront of you AND behind you at the end of its animation

    Ducking: Whenever I go into 3rd person view I duck, I only duck certain weapons. Spear,Bradistock, All Knight 2 handers, Vanguard swords, I will not duck MAA or archer most of the time.

    Multiple Opponents: The tactic here is you have the longest most deadliest weapon…but it’s slow, Your opponent however has to close the distance. This difference in distance makes how fast your weapon is not matter. the time it takes them to close the distance means you can start your attack sooner. Be mindful of which weapons you fight. If I have three guys in front of me I will move to their left side so I can alternate swing, if the guy on the left does not parry you can hit all three of them by pushing into them at the last second. If he parries keep running past and then combo swing and turn into it. If you can anticipate the parry, feint and swing normal.

    Class tactics

    Archer: Easy game, their meat for you. Overhead them, If they pull their shit one hander out in time then feint first. Their already pissing themselves since you got in before they could range you down. Take advantage of their fear.

    Man-at-Arms: Their dodging is tricky and a real good one will get out of the way of most of your attacks. However by dodging out and in they are using alot of stamnia. Even if you have to swing and miss ZONE them. Make them run out of stamnia and crouch as you start to run out. Purposely show them your back then turn your swings into their skull. Half of the time when I kill an MAA I start by not looking at them.

    Vanguard: He who misses his slash first will fail, The good news here is you have the longest sword. As they miss their slash move in to overhead, feint, then overhead again. People will go to parry and succeed because your weapon is slow. If they are weaker then you or intimidated slash first, Delay your slash to it’s fullest to hit right after their parry. This is where mouse dragging is key. If you can hit the first slash keep running past and wrap your combo swing into their side right after the wind up.

    Knight: A knight with a 2 hander is an easy target unless their pro. Swing when they do and know your maximum range, you can hit them and they cant hit you as long as you keep at run speed and you’re turning your swings properly. If they have a shield use a normal slash, feint run to their weapon side and alternate swing. If you happen to get right on their side, the very end of your swing will hit them in the back. (aim for the back of their head.) Combo this into an overhead behind them. Kick is your friend.

    These tactics work on 90% of people…super pros will not fall for most of this. You will have a fight on your hands.

    The main idea of the Zweihander is to get past their defenses in your first or 2nd swing. It is to kill in one to two hits and to keep running to move to kill the next guy. To assist your ally with an overhead, and to trick multiple opponents into thinking your running before you turn a full running slash into them and finish them with another to the back!

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  • It’s the helicopter man!

    Stop being a stranger!

  • Imma crazy helicopter! I will try! I’ve been busy and normally when I get on I just wanna slaughter people. I will try and make it to a VQ practice.

  • What a well written guide to the Zweihander! What do you suggest as your secondary and what do you prefer for the 3rd slot? How do you deal with 3-5 skilled archers on the defending team? I always get shot to pieces…

  • I use shortsword or dane axe as my secondary and then I get throwing axes most of the time. I like the shortsword because of how quick the stab is but I rarely use it. It’s very situational. I get throwing axes over knives because I wanna spend as little time throwing items as possible and more slashing. Plus hitting with one throwing axe on a vanguard down makes your overhead a one hit and your slash a one hit against MAA. I use smoke bombs against lots of archers…usually on maps like hillside to guard ballistas or to cover my positioning or pathing. Fighting 3 t o5 archers will most of the time kill you before you get close. My advice is pretend your a zombie from Left for Dead. Zig zag but never do it in a predictable pattern. Go more left then far right then back and fourth…run straight for a long time right after they miss their arrow. As you watch them pull another back suddenly zig zag again. The goal here is not to be predictable.

  • I really liked the Guide! Keep up the good work.

    @funthomass: A tactic i always use to get those pesky archers is, i Charge at them. If they see me i watch their bow windup Animation, at the last second before i anticipate their shot, i slide my mouse Forwards or backwards, in order to stare at the ground or into the sky. This way your hitzones, Head and Upper Torso become an easy to miss horizontal line, instead of a easy to hit straight up hitzone area.
    I have had great succes with this tactic. Most archers tend to aim at this upper Torso area, which makes it easy to dodge the arrow like this, especially if you see the archer and his arrow coming at you. As always there is the downside to this, usually after the second time i dodge an arrow like that, they start to shoot at my feet. Or a the the Point where my head will be if i look down. Then there is only one Thing left to do, as Korgawrath allready said, be unpredictable.

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