How to play in ULTRA (1080p graphics settings?

  • Hey i am a former player of this game when i tried it as a free trial on a weekend where it was free and i noticed i could play it in Ultra (full 1080p hd) settings then. They game looked amazinbg and this is why i bought it. However when i tried to play it now(i even downloaded the beta to make sure) it will only go to “high” settings and nothing more. I can easily tell the graphics are no where as good and i need to know how to play it in 1080p hd settings (ultra). it is not available on the video settings, and i need to find it or i will not enjoy playing the game much at all…comparitively

  • There’s ultra settings? I think there may be only ultra for some of he settings not all.

    The game hasn’t changed at all since the last free weekend. You may of forgotten some of he settings. I haven’t changed them in a while. But what often happens is only some settings have an ultra quality.

    And I can play in 1080 on a mixture of medium to high with an FPS I don’t mind.

    The settings for the resolution are there. But I don’t think all the settings have ultra if any did at all. I don’t remember seeing ultra anywhere. In getting mixed up between games. In fact you could be getting mixed up between games.

    Did you
    And as marcel Pagnol said “people always see the past better than it was”. Since it was your first time playing the game would seem amazing to you. And you play it now as its not new anymore.

    Though you should be able to find 1080 in the settings. Its a screen resolution. Its there.

    And you sound to me like you are a console player mainly.

  • Ok i know for a fact “high” settings is not near as good as it was because shortly after a friend let me play his old (unupdated copy) and it had the same graphics as “high” and it is not near as good as what it was. There is proof u can look up chivalry “ultra settings” on any popular video site and see what it looks like.

  • Graphics options don’t just disappear. I’ve had the game since release. I just haven’t changed my graphics settings much since then. I think chivalry has just had high thinking back. And has always just had high

    And have you heard of advertising. Those youtubers know how to stretch the truth. And the ones with chivalry ultra settings have more dislikes tban te ones that say chivalry MAX settings. And on one of those max settings you get shown that everything is on high and in 1080.

  • ive seen it myself……

  • @needhelp788:

    ive seen it myself……

    So you think.

    How long after the free weekend did you buy the game?



    Note title of video. Note graphics settings.

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