[RELEASED] Valiance Admin Mod

  • So saying slight stopped working on this … can someone else revive this ?

  • i sure hope not!

    this was really gonna make the game alot better and finaly give the admins stuff they shoulda had when this game was released!
    as well as tons other cool stuff torn banner obviously doesnt care about letteing us have control of.

  • Ugh Always so late to the party. A frikkin’ awesome one at that too, it seems. I had no idea there were awesome programs like this!

    To the point, I guess. Sorry for bumbing bumping and sorry if this feels like the usual ‘plz update’ spam.
    But is this still being worked on or has it been abandoned? It would seem like the latter, I’m afraid.

  • sadly Slight just dissapeared, although untill further evidence is produced, i still believe he was removed by Torn Banner.
    no 1 spends 6 months working on somthing this cool then just gives up 3 bugs before its finished.
    yeah they were obviously buthurt by my mods and his, they have spent months sabotaging both of us instead of fixing this game.

    heck i had like 250 mods on my awesome server, but a few nerf patches ago they removed all the modding files for some bogus reason, now i have 4 mods, but my server is still the best in this game by far!

    i was one of the few people helping him test this, and let me tell you it was freaking awesome, he gave us all the stuff torn banner is incapable of doing, and it was almost all bug free, amazing since they cant do anything without bugs.

    we were able to change the spawn times, stamina, and gravity, round times, heck i could even turn sum1 into peasant if i wanted, it had admin say in chat, slaps, slays and or even adding health, was truly an epic mod that woulda increased the life span of this game by 6 months if a not a year for me.

    such a shame also i was really enjoying the debugging of this, since he would patch his mod like 3 times a day we were really making epic progress

    this is all stuff torn banner will never fix or allow us to change, it seems they like punishments and slow wonky buggy gameplay over epic fast and awesome, so weird but yet so foolish.

    i still dream of the day when i come on here and hes came back, but sadly we will be stuck playing nerfed down noobishness.

  • You sound a bit paranoid. TBS the mafia, lol.

    In any case, didn’t you have ridiculous mods like no flinching and archers being able to dodge like man at arms?

  • i wish we could have less flinch lol no that was not a mod only many a suggestion to improve this nerfed down game dudeface, if you were smart you would join the epic gameplay bandwagon.

    and you are foolish to hate on something you havent even tried, my server is the only true epic fast paced hardcore action that you will find in this game hands down, the regular game doesnt give you the carnage that my server delivers constantly every game.

    you have no idea how epic this game gets once you un nerf it just a bit my friend.

    come by some time and see how epic it is with just 4 mods.

  • What mods are you running, then?

  • im not gonna say cause i dont want that to get nerfed, just come try it.

  • @dudeface:

    What mods are you running, then?

    Superspeed superstam retarded slashfest. Possibly low-gravity, I don’t really care to remember.

  • Is this dead ?

  • Inquiring minds want to know….

  • i sure hope not!!!

    this mod was totaly awesome, and gave us options we should of been able to control since the game was released honestly.

    it really let you admin/mod a server the way admins should be able too.

  • but does it still work, will it blend?

  • it worked great, i was one of the few people running it and helping him test it.
    it had a few bugs but we were steadily knocking them out with how rapidly he was patching it consistently till he dissapeared for 3 months right after a major nerf patch,
    which disabled it :(

    i saw him post today about dw though and i asked him if he was gonna continue working on valiance.

  • Sorry to bump this, but does anyone know if this works or if he is still working on this? as i would like to use this.

  • sadly I think were outa luck he appeared briefly a month or 2 ago and then disappeared again, its such a shame too cause this was so dam usefull for admins and made a lot of stuff possible that just isn’t right now.

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