• I see more and more people doing this, so I thought it might be worth considering adding that mode.

    It is more fun than the duel mode for some (at least for me), and shouldnt be hard to do. To only have the name in would take out a lot of confusion since lots of players get ganked or kicked for not accepting this.

    For rules I would just do a FFA where the kill/death only counts when you/your opponent did 100% of the dmg.

  • +1

    want this since release :’(

    but the rules are a bit too simple. That wouldn’t prevent randomers from randoming :/ Something like in M&B would be good.

  • If anyone has idea how to do the rulset any better please share.

    The point was not so much the rules, but that there is always confusion since some people see a ffa server and then insist on playing ffa. Easy solution would be the ability to just set the server to ffa duel instead ffa.

  • I think if this gamemode would be added. The rules would be that it’s only possible to get a kill score added is whoever did the most damage.

  • The gamemode already exists. :P
    It can surely be optimized, but that would be a matter of doing optimized maps for it, like the one crushed is working on atm. Things like weapon tables where you equip your weapons, running around with fists only before that.
    A thing that would really help with the random FFAers that just don’t know better would be if you could put a MOTD (message of the day text message) in the server config that would be shown to every player when he connects. In huge green flashing letters. :D

  • The MOTD could help if people used it. But with people naming their unofficial servers official and similar crap I doubt it.

    I special gamemode would at least stop the arguing how the match should be played.

  • @Towe:

    The MOTD could help if people used it. But with people naming their unofficial servers official and similar crap I doubt it.

    I special gamemode would at least stop the arguing how the match should be played.

    There are no arguments. Just the holy trinity of verbal warning, adminkick & adminban. Halleluja!

  • Most damage within a certain time frame, and cancelled on death. So like, over 50% of the damage it’s your kill, unless you do no damage to that guy for a certain amount of time (10 or so secs), or HE (meaning nobody else) kills you, in which case your damage contribution is nullified.

    So if I do 51% or more of the damage to someone, and he escapes and takes no damage from me for like 10 seconds (whatever amount of time is best), then my damage contribution becomes nil, even if some dude comes up and kills him in 1 hit after that (that dude would get the kill because I didn’t do damage for too long).

    And if I do 51% + of the damage to someone, and that same someone kills me, my damage contribution becomes nil also.

    But if I do 51% + of the damage to my opponent, and someone else kills me before I kill my opponent, my damage remains for the 15 or so seconds to prevent that guy who killed me from getting an easy double kill by interrupting the duel (not really duel but you know what I mean - I have had guys with 2 handers spawn 2 inches away from me while I’m fighting and just run up and take my kill AND kill me in one swing). In other words if he kills me then the other guy instantly, I still get the kill for the other guy (and maybe the other guy gets the kill for me also, if he did more than 50% of the damage, and the “interruptor” gets either nothing, or maybe implement a “measly assist” counter, that should actually be called “Measly Assist” since it would fit the timeframe - that way they still get something, but it’s somewhat of a half-insult too =P).

    Maybe have the % be about 65%, or whatever amount would prevent 2 handers from doing enough damage in a single swing to get the kill (people would run around with 2 handers just hitting everyone once and moving on, just because they’d get a kill if someone kills that guy within 15 seconds or whatever - don’t want to create an exploit). So for example, lets say most 1 handed weapons do over 70%ish of an opponents damage in 2 swings, and a 2 hander would need 2 swings to do over 70% as well, then 70% would be the better number to pick, because even if a 1 hander does 36% per swing and the 2 hander did 69% per swing, both would still need 2 swings to do over 70%. See what I mean? Again, numbers might be innacurate here, I’m just listing the scenarios and examples, but they should work with whatever the real numbers are (I doubt I’m off by THAT much anyway).

  • All of these suggestions seem extremely complex why can’t we just get a way to negate damage from other players if you taunt at someone and they taunt back

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