Regarding Getplayerinfo command

  • I can never type the players name correctly whenever there is a hacker

    Getplayerinfo “<3 for game” wouldnt work

    I could get the player number with votekick, and kick with confirm (though the hacker made the server crash.

    Can the Getplayerinfo command be changed so that you get the player number like votekick? and then get the steamid from that?

    it would make it easier to report hackers.

  • It does do that. Does for me. At least it did. Haven’t done it for a while

  • how do i use this command? it never gives me anything.

  • If you type “getplayerinfo” followed by 2 spaces then it should display everyone’s ID

    provided you have access to that command… all servers should have bAnyUserCanGetSteamID=True by default imo

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