How Does "adminkick" Work?

  • I’m a new member of |MonK|, and I was recently allowed to log in as admin on our server.

    On the server, someone broke our rule and I was going to kick him. I go to console, type in adminkick NAME, and then it says “confirm X”.

    I say confirm X in the console and it doesn’t work. I’ve been told that’s where a number goes, but what number?

    Help me please!

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  • if i recall from memory correctly, it will match a players name to your input

    so if you type adminkick bob, it will return a list of results of people with bob in the name

    if theres only 1 match you will see

    0. bob

    then you type confirm 0 to kick that person

    if there is multiple matches you would see

    0. bob
    1. bob saget
    2. bob barker

    confirm 2 to kick bob barker.

    you can also use tab then press b for mouse and adminkick player using the GUI, after you have logged in as admin.

  • 3 ways to do it:

    Type “adminkick”
    Then a list of names will appear

    1. chuck
    2. Player 2

    type “Confirm 1” for chuck or “Confirm 2” for player 2

    Option 2

    type “votekick chuck” then type “confirm 0”

    Option 3

    log in as admin, and while the scoreboard is open press B. you can now select adminkick or adminban option from the scoreboard.

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