Pro tip needed: Claymore or Greatword?

  • Hi,

    Casual player here. Played since release, and prefer Vanguard. Level 45, and a think my skill development have been at a standstill for some time. I used to do a lot of “old school” duels before CU1, but some of my favorite duel servers went down.

    I think I master the basics. Footwork, timing, manipulating swings, handling multiple enemies. Around level 30 i changed from Zweihander to Greatsword and found it highly effective. I accept that good MAA and Knights will be challenging for a Vanguard to take down in 1v1 situations, but I still like the class for the distance control and flair, and want to continue developing my V skills.

    I have seen some good Vanguards using the Claymore.
    Question 1: Should I start to use Claymore, or continue to perfect my Greatsword ?**

    Question 2: I see that “faint into parry” often is mentioned as an important move. What is this, and how is it performed? (I might already be doing this, but not sure.)

    PS. I have no intention of being a competitive player, but be as good as I can be with sword Vanguard.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Claymore is getting a complete overhaul once patch hits live…

    But currently in live, id go with greatsword. Thought I see quite a few good Claymore users like Del and Mania and Jerk (even in team settings).

    Feint to parry is exactly what it sounds like. Feinting to parry… lol
    This includes combo feinting. So you can purposefully miss an attack and then combo-feint as they are trying to attack you during recovery, and you can parry and do a counter-stab or something.

  • In live: Greatsword>Claymore

    In the beta the Claymore got turned upside down and is now a completely different weapon. It is ok now. But I still prefer the Greatsword, I think it is still better. Greatsword has more damage and reach, a slower release (which is good and bad, since you can drag it but it is also slower^^) and a very slow stab. Claymore has a fast stab. Windup times are pretty much identical aside from the stab.

    Feint to parry means you interrupt your own attack to parry. You are doing this if the enemy is going to hit you first(because you both attacked) or you want to avoid a hittrade.

  • Zweihander.

  • I’m an avid Claymore user, so I’d naturally recommend it. The speed makes it awesome for sudden target swapping in group battles, and I can normally survive continuous onslaughts by sprinting around chaining combos on (seemingly) random targets. After using it in Beta, it seems this is going to become even easier to do with my playstyle.

    For me, Speed >> Power.

    I only really feint into parry if I’ve got a combo chained and someone’s managed to take a swing at me without being able to flinch them, though to my understanding, I won’t be able to do that next version.

  • GS, since alt attacks haven’t been fixed entirely.

  • It doesn’t really matter, they are almost the same. Claymore is good for getting a free hit on low rank players with the really fast stab after you parry. Both can 1 shot archers with an overhead to the face. I’m pretty sure both can 3 shot knights with stab->overhead->stab so the only difference of them is the slight speed of the claymore or the longer range of the greatsword.
    Oh, and greatsword’s sprint attack can 1 shot archers to the chest (even zwei can’t do this at the moment iirc).

  • I think it depends on your personal preferences. I like the Greatsword and sometimes also play the Zweihander. I almost never use the Claymore even though it’s a pretty good sword. The greatsword fits me best and I think you should just try out what fits your style better.

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