Anyone play rift?

  • Now that rift has taken the f2p route has anyone started playing this game? I have a lvl 60 on the hailol shard if anyone wants to play. It’s a decent mmo. It’s not as cartoony as wow is but it’s got it’s resemblences.

  • I sometimes play again. I played a lot pre-Storm Legion. I am only level 50. I play on Wolfsbane with my old guild when I do play (which is pretty rare anyway)

  • I’ve played this game since beta! I always loved it :) I played 6 months, stopped, returned when new things came out for another 3 months, stopped again. It’s probably about that time to come back again. I haven’t played since they raised the max level, so I think I have 3 level 50 characters.

  • Too much ping; not a big enough community if AUS for MMOs IMO.

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