Desync and Ghost Animations

  • The last few released patches said that these were supposedly fixed. It’s rather annoying that these bugs still exist. In a way they are pretty game breaking, especially when you have people who can force the animation with drags and what not. There are so many things that the previous patches supposedly fixed and yet here we are going bald over the fact that they still exist.

  • The only time shit like this happens to me is when my opponent has high ping.

  • I have noticed desyncs more often than I ever have before in the latest live and recent betas, but it’s nowhere near common for me. I even tested this out with a friend of mine, and while we couldn’t replicate it, it was more random then anything. Both had under 50 ping. He would LMB spam to test and there would be times when I would get hit in his windup everytime, his swings hits fully desynced with his animations. Not sure what causes this :(. Maybe the whole server/client fix for flinching coming in the newest beta will fix this?(Note: my experience with desyncs have been with beta 5 and below.

  • Ghost feints are a really big issue for me lately, it was desyncs, but that’s more related to server/client lag.

    Ghost feints are when a player parries an attack, goes to counter, his client does not counter successfully and goes back to idle on his screen, but to the server, he was successful in his timing and the server begins to play the counter animation.

    The opponent will see the counter animation begin, but as the server realises there is infact no counter happening, it quickly reverts the players character back to idle, usually by the time he can initiate another attack. This ends up looking like the player is able to cancel a counter attack (Riposte (?)) thus making you time your parry incorrectly and take a hit if you cannot escape.

    I’ve somewhat gotten used to it happening and try to time my parries a bit later when I feel the opponent is going to riposte, but I still get caught out quite often. It especially looks glitchy when 1handers do it as-well.

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