Not possible to update some servers but not others?

  • So the patch is being delayed because of this tournament. I am not interested in any further discussion on this, all I want to ask is one simple question.

    Surely it would be possible to update all the servers with the patch, but then leave 1-2 servers un-updated to serve as the battlegrounds for the tournament? That way the patch would come out early AND the competitive players get their tournament. Seems win-win for everyone.

    Is this a technical impossibility?

  • I’d presume that the clients would then be incompatible.

    Will await a technical response confirming whether that’s the case, then lock, as we really don’t need to continue all that…

  • Thank you for bringing this back up because no one responded before they closed that thread. Very quickly though just so your thread isn’t closed, they’re claiming that the patch isn’t actually delayed because of the tournament, they’re only saying that IF the patch were ready to release on Friday they would choose to delay it.

    On topic, I know in other games like BF3 and TF2 even though a patch might be live on a certain server other servers still had the old code running. Seems like it is possible, I just don’t know how easy it would be to do.

  • Actually I forgot, mods & devs can post in locked topics.

    Therefore closing this one as it is practically a continuation of the previous thread, so reasons for locking apply here. I’ll prod Sly or someone and enquire for a response to your question. :)

    Either ways I’m sure they’ve considered all options, and likely come to a conclusion that a minute 2 day delay is the most preferable, and with negligible impact. Pissing around with clients and servers in comparison for that is likely not worth the effort considering the stakes.

    (Again I’d personally not support the delay only IF current players were actually put out and prevented in some way from playing the current game).

  • Yeah I was going to suggest that, but Bobby Boy beat me to it.

  • Steam would update players’ game clients when we set the patch live, so they wouldn’t be able to join the unupdated servers.

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