The Resurrected Bastards! [NA]

  • About us:
    The Resurrected Bastards started out as a small group of friends that loved playing Chivalry together. It has since grown into a Chivalry clan of about 20~ members. Our main goal is to keep it chill and laid back with the mindset to have as much fun as possible. We do love to play competitive as well, though! We do scrims usually every night and do practices multiple times a week.

    If you are interested in joining us the best way would be to play the game with us. We have a Teamspeak server that we can invite you to if you are interested as well as two Chivalry servers. I will list the names and steam ID’s of our recruiters below so you can talk to us. If you come and play with us, and we enjoy playing with you and we will welcome you to the Bastards.

    Contact Recruiters:
    RB | Ronin_Warder - - STEAM_0:1:29250840
    RB | ?hine ?affle - - STEAM_0:1:25641447
    RB | SmoothLunchable - - STEAM_0:0:28519190
    RB | Cyngor - - STEAM_0:1:4531856

    Chivalry servers:
    TO/CTF: open
    Mixed mode:

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