Question on the flail

  • I don’t know why, i really want to use it but have always failed horribly with it lol, any tips one how to turn this into a weapon of whirling pain. Also is there any word on whether were going to get access to the kite shield?

    any info is greatly appreciated

    sorry if this has been asked before.


  • Practice by yourself. If you end up doing really badly with this weapon, it means this is not your weapon of choice. Take me by example, I was trying to find the weapons that was perfect for me. So I started trying out MAA, Vanguard and Archer’s whole artillery when I finally found out that the perfect choice for me what Knight with Messer, Falchion and Tower Shield.

    This mace is a long-distance one-handed mace. It’s more effective to get around shields due to it’s long steel extension. If you try using it on players with no shield, you’re going to have a bit of a hard time. But it is possible to fight back by using the shield stab by MouseWheelUp with the flail in your hand. I suggest you keep an effective short-sword with you such as the Norse Sword or the Falchion because using the flail on MAAs is a bad idea. About the Kite Shield: They’ve probably made this flail mace to limit itself to only the Buckler Shield because of how strong and long it is. Not sure if they’re going to make it kite-shieldable.

  • Until they fix the mit-and-miss nature of the buckler it really isn’t worth using. It’s just not a very good shield.

    But as for the flail - make good use of combos and alt swings. The overhead alt swing is particularly nasty because it comes down on a diagonal. Hard to see coming.

    The biggest advantage of the flail is its unpredictability. But in order to make that work you also need to be unpredictable. Use stabs (shield bashes) when your foe will least expect it, angle your character body so that the flail will “slap” out and hit people on the recoil. Use jumps and ducks too.

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