Balancing Swings and Overheads

  • The last month I was strongly suggesting that overheads should be more powerful on every weapon since swings are so easy to hit and get around defenses with.

    I might have been wrong on this one. While I wouldnt say the basic idea was wrong I forgot about ducks. They are already a pretty risky move and can only work if swings stay the most used attack.

    So I guess that could be a reason to have swing only weapons (like the falchion is now) in the game.

    What do you think?

  • You were right the first time. Attack1/Slash only weapons are, and I’ll steal this word from SlyGoat, ‘unhealthy’, for various reasons.

  • I just despise the LMB spamming opponents, they killsteal me every time :l

  • Consecutive swing attacks should cost double the stamina so that it can’t be spammed.

  • Interesting idea…

  • And actually quite realistic as you reverse the direction of your attack. Should not be double though.

    I also feel parry/block hitboxes extend much further upwards and (especially) downwards. Because of this hitting wIth a swing is much easier than hitting with an overhead (here you need a jump attack). And thats basically the reason why the Falchion is a “swing weapon” - its overhead is in fact more powerful.

    The only real swing weapons are the Mace and the Polehammer. The Mace just does the same damage with overhead and slash (overhead is slightly faster though) making the latter much more attractive. The Polehammer - its only advantage over the Helberd is the swing attack. So if you don’t want to slash around why not just pick the Helberd for more speed, damage and reach?

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