Reflective Team Damage and Feinting

  • I think it would be great if reflective team damage was implemented into this game. Lets say a teammate hits you and does damage equivalent to 20% of your max hp. The damage would reflect back to him and do damage equivalent to 20% of his max hp. If his attack also manages to kill you, the damage reflected back to him would be 20% of his max hp + an additional percentage. I think this would encourage players to watch their attacks and use the feint button more to not hitting teammates.

    Since we’re talking about feinting, I also think it needs to be tweaked more. The higher stamina cost of feinting isn’t really a big deal as crouching could be used to recover stamina faster. I think a good tweak would be to have a shorter period available, after swinging an attack, to be able to use a feint. This way, a good player will be able to detect feints from real attacks. Players who block early will still be punished so the feinting mechanic is still useful. At the moment, feint stabs in particular are extremely cheesy as you can feint very late into the wind up. It’s all a guessing game and takes the skill out of the combat.

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