Flashing my Netgear router to DD-WRT fixed my latency.

  • After 200+ hours of playing the game with virtually all servers, even within my own state, being near to or over 100ms ping; after countless matches interrupted by teleporting, stuttering, and other wonky occurrences. I decided to flash my Netgear WNDR3700v3’s firmware to the free DD-WRT firmware.

    WOW! Servers that were previously 100ms are now 50-60ms. All of the teleporting and stuttering nonsense is gone. Also, unrelated to Chivalry, my downstream bandwidth according to speedtest.net mysteriously jumped from 35mbit to 70mbit.

    Anyway, just an anecdote. Be warned, if you don’t follow the steps for flashing your router correctly you could brick it. So don’t do it all willy-nilly. But this has surely saved my Chivalry experience.

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