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    Current members
    Tommy Pickles
    Tasty Whale

    Who are we:
    We are a group of competitive chivalry players based in Europe and although our clan is relatively new most of our members have past chivalry clan experience.
    We try to make the atmosphere of our clan relaxed but serious in the competitive sense and hope to be one of the best clans of chivalry in the social and sporting aspects.
    Currently we are made up of 5 members and we like to keep a relatively equal status in our clan between members.

    What our clan provides:

    • A fun and friendly but competitive clan environment
    • A 30 slot TS3 server to communicate in scrims and post funny pictures
    • A 32 player TO server
    • Class/weapon specific and team based training
    • The chance to be a Kingsmen

    How to join:
    We are currently looking for players who are not only extremely adept in both team play and 1v1
    but also players who have a unique play style.
    At the moment we have many knights, so we are primarily looking for for MAAs, vanguards and archers. However we want to keep our clan limited and small to about 10 people
    Also, if you are going away or are not going to be active for a while, please let us know.

    If you think you have the ability to join our clan, please contact me or Alterbyme
    and we can arrange a trial that determines if you are worthy of being a Kingsmen

    We are always looking for friendly scrims, please contact me or Alterbyme if you wish to arrange one.
    We play a wide variety of game modes, from 5v5 TO, all the way to everyone sling; king of the hill.

    In any case, pop onto our TS3 and chat to us, we always are looking to play with and have banter with other people:


  • good guys :P

  • Awesome bunch of guys.
    I’d recommend this clan for anyone who is looking to join a competitive group of players.

  • EU then?

  • @Daiyuki:

    EU then?

    Ah yes, I forgot to put this in the post.
    Thanks for reminding me :P

  • Great group of players and they’ve proven to be very skilled. Will without doubt recommend to players searching for a good clan.
    Looking forward to competing with your bunch soon enough!

  • <3 these guys. + rep for The Kingsmen!

  • An always up-to-date playlist of Km scrims: … GjIuprUWSd

  • I have no idea why I have 4/11 of their members in my steam friends list but I guess that means they are pretty cool guys.

  • @Kreittis:

    I have no idea why I have 4/11 of their members in my steam friends list but I guess that means they are pretty cool guys.

    Best clan recommendation ever :D

  • Great group of guys, brilliant team. Wonderful challenge to scrim, definitely recommend as a team to play against.

    If you’d be looking to join a small team of active, quality players with a sense of direction: Km is the place. I’ve had a member or two on my friends list for a very long time, very nice bunch overall.

    +1 for the kingsmen!

    -1 for alterbyme and his frickin longsword… ;). Nurf longsord moar.

  • BUMP!

    We now have 16 members :D

    I never thought when I started this clan out with Alter not too long ago how big we would
    become and how awesome it would be!

    We are still looking for new members, so if you think you have what it takes to become a Kingsmen
    message me or Alterbyme, pop over to our teamspeak and we can talk about a trial, even if you
    do not think you are amazing, we are always looking to train people up.
    In a clan you learn more, become better and more importantly have more fun :P

  • Hi,

    it’s me, [NL] Frontliner!

    I play with Skyfall often. I’m rank 38 (real rank, not bugged like most 40+) and I like fun games but can be competititve too.

    Can I join you? I was in the first AoC clans with Tiberius even and I was his 2nd in command WAY BACK in 2006. It was fun. I consider myself a good player.

    300 hours in AoC and now 300+ hours in CMW.

    I was in some clan late 2012 with lot’s of brittish dudes that were elitists and they used the word Ngger all the time in teamspeak. It annoyed me that much that I left the clan without notice. Anyway if KM isn’t a bunch of elitist Ngger yelling asshats I would like to join you.

    I like to play competitively too. I don’t mind following orders too in skrims etc.

    I now train as a Knight but mainly I used to play as MAA. But I can retrain MAA and even Archer easily.


  • |out of dedication I’ve switched to MAA

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