Norsesword faster with heatershield?

  • According to Hexens video it is.

    Shields are supposed to slow weapons down arent they? Maybe the wrong sign in the formula?

  • Shields neither slow nor speed up weapons (except for Bastard swords, which are faster intentionally). What is happening is the same as the alt swing problem - with shields, your windups and releases are closer to your opponent so they connect much earlier in the release phase (essentially, built-in acceleration), whereas without a shield, it takes longer to connect (unless you manually accelerate yourself). Ultimately, this is another animation issue, and whilst it SHOULD be changed, it probably never will be because it’s not complained about as much as alt swings and shields aren’t as popular as alt swings. Also, the perceived speed increase with the Norse Sword isn’t unique to the Norse Sword; all One-handed + shield weapons are ‘faster’ because of the ‘built-in’ acceleration (all one-handed weapons share exactly the same animations, with or without a shield).

  • Thanks a ton for the clearification on this!!!

  • So far, from what i heard, it has been proven that some strange things happen with shields equipped.

    For example. The way alt overheads work, where the animation swings faster to hit the center faster, but total time stays the same. With a shield equipped, it makes the normal overhead have similar characteristics of alt overheads without a shield.

    Furthermore, stab releases seem to be faster than the animation shows for shields, as if it had similar characteristics to an alt overhead (like if it was an alt stab).

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