Torn Banner & Chivalry should support Steam Trading Cards!

  • Greetings. Long time player, first time poster.

    I’d love to see Torn Banner, and one of my favorite games, support the new system Valve implemented by creating a few emoticons, cards and backgrounds for Chivalry. I’d proudly showcase a Chivalry badge on my profile (may I suggest a dismembered head?).

    Furthermore, I noticed the petition to help market the game. Steam Trading Cards are essentially a marketing tool. People WILL buy the game to get them and the game will get more exposure as a result. If trading cards are added before the Steam Summer Sale hits you are pretty much guarenteed to sell more copies of the game than you would have. All you have to do is get an artist to whip up a few things.

    Show your support!
    [P.S; users are already asking for Chivalry trading cards on the Steam Trading Card group on Steam itself]


  • I would enjoy this is as well.(more so in hoping to get a Chivalry themed wallpaper for my profile :)) I’m not sure how the process works to get it started but I was reading that TB would have to find artists to design the cards and get them approved by Valve n all that jazz

  • They’re looking into it.

  • Agreed.

  • We’d love to have trading cards as well at some point. Just gotta be patient and hope Steam will let us in! I’m sure there are a lot of games who want to do this.

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