Performance issues on high end rig.

  • First would like to say gj making a great game :D I love Chiv!

    Now on the matter at hand.
    I seem have low fps and wildly fluctuating fps issues its really a headache to play. The main issue is the fps which drops and is low most of the time, I have a high end rig so it is really frustrating. Slighty worse effects if I set every graphics setting to lowest.

    (I have Updated my drivers)
    My rig:
    i7 2600k
    Radeon HD 7950 3GB GDDR5
    16 GB RAM
    Windows 7 64bit
    Soundcard, etc…

    A friend of mine has a smiliar rig but with a slightly older GPU, he has no issues. Which makes me belive it’s the GPU, aside AMD being bad at drivers. I shouldn’t have any problems with a new UE3 game, this makes me really confused :? :? What could the problem be?

  • I am also having a frames issue on a high end rig.

    Looking for the answer so i can once more

  • How many monitors do you have active?

    I found a couple web-pages that may help: … 36991.html … ates-swtor

    Hope those help. Seems like a problem with ATI’s stuff.

  • me im only using one monitor,

    geforce 560 gtx super overclock.

    ive tried everything i know, i hope it just fixes itself lol

  • I have only hooked up one monitor, normal Full HD screen. I don’t have the cables to hook up another one…
    I am considering to by cables soon, so I’ll likely do that later. Then I can find if I get any changes with another monitor.

    It could be the drivers but Gallows with the 560 gtx shouldn’t have a problem with that. Nvidia driver support is alot better. But likley we dont have the same problem, I think…

    I’ll try some things in the links you posted. I’ll post results later.

  • I wonder if its ATI drivers, do you guys have any test machines with ATI or are you all nvidea?

    Also, I have a second monitor plugged in on mine, though usually it has the power turned off when I’m gaming. I’ll try to unplug it and see if I notice a difference.

  • My friend I talked about earlier used a Radeon HD 6000’s card. So could be new card drivers are bad.

    Ps: not yet tried some of the fixes, cus no servers are up yet.

    Edit: Tried various stuff in the links… But no improvements. :x

    There is a beta patch for my drivers, I guess I could try those but they are quite random in improvments, so I tend to stay away from them. I’ll try it tomorrow.

  • Developer

    We’re about evenly split across ATI and Nvidia, including older cards, newer cards, and laptops.

    I have a 6950 in this computer and don’t experience wild framerate issues. I don’t think any of us have 7000-series cards to test with, so you might be onto something there. Let us know how the beta drivers go.

  • I used the beta patch that fixed it. Every setting on max no drop in fps. Marvelous.

    For those interested and future referance.

    Downloaded it from here:

    I chose The windows 7, 64bit, 7000’s cards. Then further down I chose the new 12.9 beta drivers without the NET 4.0 support.

    If some have issues similar to mine even though they have a older card, this may fix the problem.


  • Looks like my system might just be aging. Some maps are worse than others, I think the ‘burn the farm’ map is the worst, once things start getting lit on fire the map never gets over 20 fps for me. Generally i can keep up around 30/40 fps if there are like ~20ish people playing, but once the servers get full it’s pretty rough.

    After looking at the rome 2 total war movies it might be just about that time for upgradeeess…

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