Votes Kicking and Chat without joining a Team

  • I’ve reported this individual to Steam already under ‘User Misconduct’ and posting this here as a Technical Support issue I’m hoping gets included in the next patch. Basically, individuals are joining a game and “hanging out”, not picking a team, then proceeding to spam chat with insults/taunts and initiating votekicks repeatedly against their chosen targets. Chat and vote abilities should be limited to only those who have picked a team (and thus show on the general player list).

    The individual tonight was:

    This individual over the course of 3 matches joined, harassed 3 different people repeatedly, starting votes against them endlessly. At the end he even joined a team, TK’d one (myself), then quit before a vote could be initiated. He again rejoined (but did not select a team) and against started the votekick fest. This is the most blatant form of griefing there is and such should be discouraged. I’m hoping Steam gives him a temp ban at the least, but who knows. I attempted to grab some Screenshots of his comments (using Print Scr), but not sure if they got saved yet.

  • You should join the official chivalry moderator group on steam:

    Report this to one of them and they should be able to deal with it. Mind you, they only have power on official servers.

  • @Danaus:

    I attempted to grab some Screenshots of his comments (using Print Scr), but not sure if they got saved yet.

    F12 is the default screenshot key in Steam, and unlike Print Scr, it actually works. To find Steam screenshots right click the game in your Steam library and select “view screenshots” to bring up your new collection.

  • What’s stopping your from votekicking the bastard?

    Its bit hard to get the rest of the community on your side. Espicially when they are the ones being a dick.

  • Oh, the rest of the server was definitely on board with kicking the guy; he had been kicked 2 times previously in earlier matches last night. We were going to kick him again, but he kept joining/leaving/rejoining the server so it made it hard to catch him. He’d join and start his own votekick immediately, so we’d have to wait for that one to expire… and he’d leave when it was up so we couldn’t get him. Attempted to catch him with the playerlist to do a votekick, but again, he kept leaving when his own votes ended.

    I’ll post about this on the Steam forums as mentioned above though. This was on the Official Classic East server (32p), so should be in line.

  • If this starts happening to to that steam page and send a freind request to one. Tell then what’s happening and they can join your server deal with that guy. Then they stop being a freind on steam.

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