Mortal Online Roll Call

  • Seeing that this game is similar to Mortal Online in some aspects, Ive noticed a good bit of Mo players are trying this game out.

    So if you did happen to play Mortal Online at some point make a post saying what your name in Mo was, what clan you were apart of etc.,

  • I used to go by the usernames Phenix, InThaFace!!! and REDxRUM. Its been forever since ive played but I used to be apart of The Talusian Alliance during the glory days.

    If any of y’all want to play im usually on the US east servers under the name Blackbourne890

  • I played MO. It became very disappointing to me.

  • Reddo, been playing MO since release, but got too frustrated with it a couple of months ago.
    Was in Morturio, TOP alliance, later FEAR alliance.
    I’m still active in the forums to see the progression, give my opinion etc. and hope that it will be playable again, to give it another go. Not seeing that happen very soon though. :|

  • clowns

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