One of the reasons you know this game is dying

  • 1 of the main reasons is that servers are filled with popularity bitches that occupy servers and make their own rules. For instance people are going to sit it out 1vs1 in a LTS when 7 others are alive.
    While the mode states LTS people are gonna make it their own rules with one alive making it a LMS.
    People that do that are usually the same noobs that connect to that server on and on making it impossible for new players to join in and play as they like. Instead you are forced to play the game they play or you get kicked.
    More and more servers are filled with these popularity faggots.

    My question TornBannerblabbla. How long do you think this game will stay alive if these servers you have filled now will be empty cause eventually the core players get bored to;)

  • Usually it is the regular players who make rules like that.

    Not sure what it has to do with popularity.

  • I remember being votekicked from CS servers years ago for not playing knives only, or for using a shotgun, or any number of reasons that aren’t an official rule. And where is CS now? oh, still massively popular.

    I’m not saying that the diminishing player base isn’t a problem but this is one of the most nonsensical reasons I’ve seen given for it.

  • The game won’t die because of it and its not a large problem.

  • @lemonater47:

    The game won’t die because of it and its not a large problem.

    Yeah that’s true. Doesn’t happen that often. At least to me.

  • Letting the last man of a team in LTS 1vs1 (and recover inbetween those fights) has been done since closed beta, before the game was even released. It became even more popular after fists were added. The game actually grew since then, I believe. :P When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

  • @SOC:

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

    Crucify rebellious people?

  • i dont think its that bad. if in an LTS game 7 players on team take on the last remaining enemy 1v1 at a time until he’s dead or wins means that there is a somewhat significant number players (thats 8 players at least, in a 24/24 game that about 33.3%) who agree with this and therefore it has a democratic quality and therefore is not so bad. it’s called house rules. sounds like an epic way to end a battle in a truly epic game. i’ve seen it and played that before and i thought ti was cool. it’s about repecting the gods of war and violence and giving a warrior a warriors death not a gang rape death. its kind of nerdy role playing thing i guess but that is actually cool and fun for other players. do a lot of other u players u know have similar homophobic feelings about that?

  • and i never saw or experienced someone getting kick for not honoring the warriors 1v1 not gang rape death. players who chose to kill last on an LTS team by gang rape rather 1v1 warrriors death, expect some shit talking upon which you may if you choose respond to said shit talking with your own shit talking.

  • Hmpf. Rather alarmist if you ask me. Then again, I might be misusing that particular buzzword; so you might not want to ask me, actually.

    Anyway, I see this as fair play. Yes, you can just use your superior numbers to roflstomp the enemy’s remaining soldier…or you can give him a man’s death and fight him one at a time, which can even let that last guy pull a clutch victory that’d make Ezio proud.

    One time, I managed to win three one at a time clutch matches of LTS in a row. And when we fought one at a time, we were also only using fists. Heck, I was on fire that day; I even beat several MAA on my path to victory, while playing as an archer. And these were actually above-average, rank 30~ players, too.

    If you ask me, the community doing nice things like this (giving the last man in a LTS match a chance to test his mettle for glory and victory) is evidence of the kind of community that will always be there; even if what’s left is small, they’ll be there, still playing, still courteous. The kind of community that might not devolve over time, say, the way previous Call of Duty game’s communities have.

    Still, just like I called you out on being alarmist with claiming that the game is dying, I’ll call myself out on possibly probably most likely being overly optimistic with claiming the community isn’t going to devolve into a bunch of fucking assholes and game mechanic raping try-hards.
    Still, one can hope.

  • I must say Im often against this 1on1 for the last guy.

    Often gets players to stay back not helping the team so they can be the last…

  • Around here if the same player makes a habit of being the last one alive on his team he no longer gets afforded an honorable death, and is instead savagely torn apart by all remaining enemies.

  • What the OP mentioned is annoying as he’ll.

    There is a server named “Gentlemans Treehouse”. It is exclusively LTS, which is great. Is a great game mode and my personal favourite.

    But over time it has decayed into a playground for the retarded. As mentioned, 1v1 scenarios arise when down to 1 person on either team. But these privileges are only given to that 1 person if they are known or ‘popular’, and is bullshit.

    There are other moronic trends too. For example, someone on my own side was actually guarding a Mason. When I killed that Mason, the enemy, I was then team killed. This is just ridiculous.

    Furthermore you get people sometimes even of opposing teams lining up and wandering around crouching, and if you try to attack, you get cut down by a coalition of both sides.

    Popularity and people acting as though they can make in prompt due rules IS a massive problem. Especially when new players ask what’s going in when they see the above situations arise, and are cutdown or kicked for even asking.

  • @Hephaistion:

    What the OP mentioned is annoying as he’ll.

    Popularity and people acting as though they can make in prompt due rules IS a massive problem. Especially when new players ask what’s going in when they see the above situations arise, and are cutdown or kicked for even asking.

    To be fair in gent treehouse, if youre doing it wrong you are usually warned by others. Some people do take it too far with the couching etc but the last man standing duel isnt that bad and actually fun, if someone interrupts that duel it is seen as annoying.

  • Another reason you know this game is dying is by the increasing popularity in votekicking for whatever people see fit


    latest votekick on me was I HACKED THE VOTEKICK MESSAGE AWAY.
    and guess what. 100%…

    TBS and his lacking admins should grow a pair of balls and make a statement for a change to do something about this goddamn tool you worship more then god himself.

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