Give more gravity to stamina.Out of stamina parry stun?

  • One thing that is overlooked in the game quite often (while playing at least) compared to the rest of the mechanics is stamina.

    That is because even if you run out of stamina and you get stunned , you are like wow I need to be careful and wait for my stamina to regen.
    That is wrong , you should be careful about it BEFORE you run out of stamina not AFTER.

    Improving the stamina system to be more punishing can give a solution to the endless duels (with non feinting people at least).

    First I believe that with one handed weapons the parry stun is more potent , because perhaps you get time to land a strike while your oponent is stunned.
    So my first suggestion is making the parry stun LONGER for two handed weapons(which makes sense in realism too) so them too can get a hit if they instantly strike when the careless opponent has forgotten about his stamina meter and has run out….

    All in all I would like to see some more punishment for the person that runs out of stamina.Maybe in the sense of making the parry stun more potent or something entirely different.


  • You are too late, that is already the case in the beta.

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