Help**** game downlosd

  • So i just bought the game and it emailed me a key, but when i go to the redirect to humble bundle site it says it cant find the key.
    the game was purchased directly through the chiv. site not using one of the other options (ie: gamestop dl, steam, …).
    any advice of where to go or how to finish dl process ?
    any time i go to the humble bundle website and request a key resend it tells me it cant locate a key attached to email, even though the paypal receipt shows they charged me.
    any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Install steam and go here

  • already have steam.
    if i search the game it goes through as a reg purchase (bought the game already through main site)
    if i go through the game option in steam to activate a product, it prompts me with enter key screen.
    which is fine but any attempt to get key from humble bundle site has failed, and the main chiv site didn’t email one to me

  • Oh, you will have to followup with Humble, hopefully it was not an illegal key.

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