HUGE lag…after a bit

  • I’m playing on my ASUS laptop,not sure the exact model but it’s in the K55V series and it’s pretty powerful. When I first log on for the day, everything is fine for 10-15 minutes. After that, I get continuous jumps in ping (going from 40 to 500+), making the game virtually unplayable. Not only that, when I shut Chivalry down, my browser slows down for a bit too. I’m running on high performance mode with a cooling pad, and I know my internet is fine (no problems anywhere else), is this something anyone else has experienced/has a fix for? I love the game, but it’s unplayable as is.

  • Gonna state the obvious by asking if you’ve updated your network card’s drivers to the latest version and whatnot. I’ve had issues with my network card throttling down and sometimes even freezing the connection entirely. New version fixed that. Also, it sort of sounds like you hit some sort of cap after which your speeds slow to a crawl. Might be ISP related or some setting on your network card or mode/router if you’re using one.

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