Unable to change weaponsetup w/ class limit (all classes)

  • As the title says, I am (and I figure anyone else is too) unable to switch their weaponsetup while their class is at limit, because you can’t reselect a class that reach it’s limit even though you’re already playing as that class.

    E.g. you’re archer wielding heavy xbow and now you get to a close combat stage (like aqueduct), so you want to switch to short bow. You press ‘m’, try to select archer class again and bam it’s locked because you’re one out of the ‘3/3’.
    The only way to overcome this is spawn as another class for one period, die and reselect archer if the slot has not been occupied yet.

    There’s a little chance this might be a “feature” to encourage people handing over that wanted slot, but I see it this way: You’ve tried to do your job so far and helped your team and suddenly you have to adjust to a new situation in order to do so, but NOPE it’s time to either start failing your team or fail your team anyway because you got to play a class you can’t handle (by chance) from now on.

    There are class limits to tournaments, aren’t there? Yet I don’t believe Legolas would have to hand over his archer slot to a teammate if he ever wanted to use another weapon than warbow. :D


    Autobalance will assign you a random weaponsetup.

    It can get worse on a server with limits for all classes (like 3/3/3/3 for each team on a 24player server). When autobalanced you are auto-assigned to whatever class is available with a random weaponsetup which cannot be changed as explained above if you’re the unlucky 3rd one.

  • What everybody cried for class limits and no one cares now? :D


  • A much better work around to that is to hit “M” and select a new class other than archer, then hit Class Selection on the top Left to go back 1 page and now re-select the archer class… then select loadout and then hit join game.

    This reduces the risk of someone switching to archer with your work around and also allows for faster results.

  • ah that way it remembers you switched your class thanks!

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