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  • Read on the Steam Forum in the Hack/Abuse area:

    excessive aiming at feet, “facehugging” and all its unblockability makes me sick
    i thought i could come back to this game after a couple of weeks, but still no change

    Figured I’d post about it.

    This can be annoying I agree, but it is a strategy nonetheless. You can block the feet-aiming-face-huggers and also beat them at their own game - I killed a guy who will remain unnamed (out of respect) a few times doing it (he was owning everyone with this tactic, I picked it up and me and him then had some fairly interesting fights, lol).

    Still, it’s irritating, and I’m not sure how this could be remedied - I have a suggestion or two though. Maybe they’ll work, maybe not.

    Make 2-handed weapons do less damage the closer the user is to his opponent (max damage comes from hitting with the tip of the weapon) - it makes sense anyway especially for some polearms and such since you’d be hitting them with the pole, not the blade, at close range. And for swords, there is a lot less distance traveled between the blade making contact with the enemy if the enemy is closer to your hilt, and a lot less leverage as well, so it definitely would not do as much damage. This is the strategy that was used against 2-Handed opponents back then anyway, to get in close with a shorter weapon and slip it between the different pieces of armor.

    You can even take this a step further and make the damage even less so at close range for polearms (or any weapon with a pole, i.e. mace, warhammer, etc.), but have the tip damage be really high (because they are top-heavy and its the only area with an actual blade) - as opposed to a 2H sword which is blade all the way to the hilt, so it would do more damage than a polearm type at close range but not much due to distance traveled, and the tip damage would be slightly less damage than a polearm tip because it’s thinner and weighs less vs the top-heavy polearm/mace/warhammer/etc.

    And to help 2 Handed users against Dagger/Shortsword or whatever users in situations like this, so they can still defend themselves against dagger/ss users just running/dashing right up to them and owning them (Because I can’t recommend a change without countering the possible ways said change would over-nerf the character/class it’s being applied to), change the “KICK” on the Vanguard and Knight classes (while equipped with a 2 Hander) to a “Weapon Bash” where they hold the weapon horizantally with both hands, palms down, and “PUSH” everyone close to them back (make it a slightly wide hitbox, but with less range than the Kick, affecting only those visually in front of them). This can stagger the enemy just enough to gain distance and maybe stab, so basically ‘not quite’ as long a stagger as the kick provides.

    I think you guys should consider speeding up the kick as well, just slightly - make it a slightly viable “interruption” technique but not one that can be spammed. Basically make it “slightly more situational” than it is, because often I’ll start a kick, and it’s so damn slow and obvious that the opponent just moves away and owns me (or visca versa) with a counter.

    By the way, despite the issues that do exist, I freaking LOVE this game. One of the most refreshing slasher/fighting/combat games out there right now with some amazing potential, developed, modded, or otherwise (I want to catapult myself onto a castle, landing with a downward strike using a warhammer that causes someone to just explode).

  • @Mr.Anomaly:

    Make 2-handed weapons do less damage the closer the user is to his opponent (max damage comes from hitting with the tip of the weapon)

    Would actually make sense especially for polearms. But consider the MAA, he will just dodge in and get even less damaged.


    speeding up the kick as well

    I’m for this. And they added a cooldown for kick in the last patch, so it is not spammable.

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