Interesting move ideas?

  • What about a new move that allows the player to do a finisher move that cannot be blocked, nor be spammed. More so for dueling that has a really nice animation to it. Maybe a swing moves up starting at the right and then turns into an over head, and instead of his head flying off like it would with a sword, it stays in the head until the duel gui with the rematch, join, pool etc comes on. That would be a pretty cool aesthetic touch to the game and would also look nice in trailers. Anyway, thanks for reading this post.

  • What?

  • A good idea, but it would HAVE to be blockable, or people would just abuse it. It’d be unrealistic anyway.

    What I thought of, was having a ‘finisher move’ that did a large amount of damage, and would still take away a lot of health from a player with full health, but it is much slower. It would also possibly slightly slow players who it didn’t kill, and inflict a sort of bleeding effect. It would be useful for backstabs but still be a bit OP.

    A ‘finisher’ overhead that is very slow but very powerful would also be very good. It’d be nice for roleplay executions where someone bends over and you behead them.

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