Make your own death animations?

  • Is there a way where you can make your own animations for characters?

    I assume every player animation is from the same set so every character would have the same skeleton to animate.

    I’m getting into 3d animation an I wonder if I could do it with the unreal three engine and have my animation is the game itself. After all death animations are client side so it could easily be a mod. Or if someone’s animations are really good you could add them to the base game.

    Anyway is there a way of getting the full character mesh and skeleton to animate. I haven’t animated in unreal before so I don’t know what terms they use. Or how to animate at all in unreal 3. It shouldn’t be different than any other 3d animation program too much right?

  • Skeleton is here: … nt-5799943

    And it is indeed possible to make your own death animations and hook it in. Brady did say something about the possibility of not supporting client-only mods though so just keep that in mind but even then, yes, it is possible! :)

  • Developer

    Death anims are set in an ini file. I’ve got a feeling the file in question is hashed though, you wouldn’t be able to put in new anims without making an actual mod out of it (with scripts and whatnot).

    And yeah, we’re likely going to block off client-side only mods before the SDK makes it to the main app.

  • Right.

    So I should be able to get practice at animating the skeleton before the full SDK is released.

    I just felt that the game is rather lacking in death animations. There’s only one arrow death animation, a front stab death, a backstab death, a slash death and one mirrored animation for chopped arm and leg.

    Though all your animations are pretty much vertical (no lying down writhing in pain) animations. And I think I know why you did it. You didn’t want bodies glitching through walls.

    What Re orchestra has done has simulated spasms but making most of the body ragdoll with slight movements on some points in the skeleton. I would like to make animations like that so a poor sod can go through his last few movements writhing on the ground. It works wen he’s up agains a wall or something too.

    I also want to make some more arrow death animations and I had a dislocated leg at the knee that severs the main artery when hit in the leg with a blunt weapon. As gruesome as it sounds. I might even make a sound for it. If I can convince the head of the music department at my old school to let me use their state of the art recording studio.

    And any other animations I can come up with. I remember when I first got pivot years back. It got to the point where I would spend 3 hours animating 1 second worth of playback.

  • There should be one animation that used root motion that wasn’t completely vertical. But that just goes into ragdoll once it hits something (theoretically, if I remember correctly). But yea.

    Good luck :) It’ll be hard though probably not impossible. I’d imagine you get the player to do an initial animation/ragdoll and once you’re in the final position (not sure how you’d detect the “final position”) you can turn animations back on and do some more animations on the floor. You’ll probably have to IK some of that.

    Yea…should bea good challenge! ^^

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