Are there cheats for this game, or was it just a bug?

  • Today I was playing on some server, it was not a official one. It was Team Deathmatch and something keep hitting me. First I thought it was some arrows but then one of them killed me and it said that it was that large hammer for knight, but there was nobody around me.

    The same happened later to, there is nobody around me and something keeps hitting me and it killed me again. It was the same guy who had a 12-0 score. I play in third person view and I am 100% sure that there was nobody around me.

    Anyone else saw something like this before?

  • Yes, there are hackers for this game, and that was one of things they do. What was the name killing you? Also, next time, identify the in game name of the player, then Shift tab to steam overlay and click on view players. Look at the players currently in the game. Find the sad hackers profile and Copy and SAVE his steam ID/ URL.

    Report the Steam ID/URL to a mod in the Official Chivalry Moderators Group here : HERE <–----

    Screenshots/ video helps too.

  • Is there a way to record demos in this game? Like in UT3 or CS?

  • There is remnants of said feature, but it is broken and not implemented. You will have to have fraps on hand or another recording device.

  • @Anon4:

    Is there a way to record demos in this game? Like in UT3 or CS?

    You can try (demorec), with some luck you will see something, but most likely you won’t.

  • Its a new hack that has come about.

    Wait for that person to kill someone then use the “getplayerinfo” command type in his username or partial username after that command and push enter. You will then see a list of usernames. That Los should only have one username in it and the number next to it should be zero. Type “confirm 0” (or whatever the anniversary for that name is) and you will get his steam ID number. Hit F12 to take a screenshot of it.

    Now you have the hacker by the balls. Especially if have video footage as well.

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