Ping display in server browser

  • First off, I am not talking about non-official servers, I know you can’t do anything about them.
    My problem is mainly with the server browser. I search for a server and get some displayed with a range of 15-60 ping, which should be perfectly fine. But when I join those servers, they lag like hell sometimes, so bad that you can’t even parry.
    And no, my connection is perfectly fine, I have a very solid internet provider and I don’t try to join servers on another continent. I live in germany and the problem is with DE/UK servers, too.
    I am wondering if only I have that, because I see noone else complaining about it.
    And no, the alternate server browser also does not work for me:

    Here is some footage(mind that the freeze is not even the core issue which I am talking about, it’s the lag that makes the knights axe go through me and my following stab not connect):
    from this server:

    The ping on the selected one says 58, but this forum got some issues with pictures.

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