Idea: Team Objective Map

  • In description, this sounds pretty much like a counterpart to the Citadel map, but with a couple twists.

    I tried drawing a map to demonstrate my idea but I’m not very good at it, so I’ll just have to describe.

    Overview: The map is a fortress high in some rocky mountains, which the Agathians are using primarily as a prison for captured Masons to interrogate and await execution. The Masons are the attacking team, with the goal to free the imprisoned men and see them to safety, both to protect their plans and have these men take up arms once more.


    1- The Masons must get into the fortress. Here’s a way to make it interesting: The Masons have two means to capture their entryway. Option one is to capture the area outside the gateway, allowing them time to set up ladders to scale the walls and open the portcullis. This would work similar to taking out the trebuchets in the hillside map, or perhaps some other mechanic that someone else can think of. Two Masons must stand at the ladder sites for long enough to set the ladders up. If they are forced away from the ladders, then the ladders are knocked back down.
    Meanwhile, as the direct route would prove troublesome, there are other ways inside the fortress, too small to fit an army through but could allow a couple sneaky players to get inside, reach the gatehouse, and raise the portcullis enough for the bulk of the Mason force to enter.

    2- Breach the storeroom next to the prison. In the storeroom, explosives are located, and this could be enough to blow open the walls to the prison and release the men who are locked up. The first thing the Masons must do is batter down the doors into the storeroom. After this, at least one brave Mason must get inside with a torch to ignite the explosive barrels to blow open the wall, which would release the prisoners and also open a route back outside the fortress and to freedom.

    3- The Mason prisoners are fleeing! This is the final stage of the mission, and where everything is turned on its head. Now the Masons must act on the defensive. In order to ensure their success, the Masons must defend the routes outside the fortress and down the mountain so that the prisoners can escape safely. The Agathians effectively become the attacking team: They must fight back and slaughter the fleeing prisoners, to minimize their losses in this battle. For this to be considered a Mason victory, they must ensure the Agathians do not kill more than a given number of the prisoners (for now, we’ll just call the number 100). If the Agathians cannot kill 100 prisoners in under the time limit (10-15 minutes), then it can be said that too many prisoners escaped, and the battle is lost. If they manage to kill 100 prisoners, then it will be considered that the Masons lost more in the assault than they gained, and the Agathians take the effective victory.

    I would love to see this map in the future, but I don’t know if TB is actually planning to add maps at any point. Any thoughts by the fine, clever community here?

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