Measuring your FPS in a unreal engine game

  • Measuring FPS

    To measure your FPS in Unreal engine, open the in-game command console (default is ~ key under ESC) and type Stat FPS, and a framerate display will appear at the top right of the screen. just FYI.

    with 12 gigs of system ram and a evga 580gtx w/ 1536MB 384-bit GDDR5 card im only seeing 62 frames per second although the game runs very smooth so im not complaining just putting it out there as to what i’m seeing as far as frames go.

  • Developer

    Unreal engine games are capped by default at 62 frames, so you are maxing out.

  • If you modify some INI files manually you can get a higher FPS. I don’t recommend editing the INI files unless you know what you’re doing.

  • i can’t open the console help ?

  • Use the tilde (~) or scroll lock button.

  • thanks. are the servers dawn because i can’t find anyone?

  • Servers down for patch: viewtopic.php?f=70&t=2425

  • ah okay didn’t see thanks looks so good looking forward to play it :D

  • @Tibberius:

    Unreal engine games are capped by default at 62 frames, so you are maxing out.

    ah thanks for that, i was not aware of this, i’ve had no issues with how the game runs but was a bit curious as to why i was only seeing that amount 8-)

    I have adjusted bSmoothFrameRate to false and see frames in the 90 range now, i have read

    “When playing online, the engine is capped at 90FPS regardless of these settings, and can’t be uncapped further.”

  • Just 62 FPS limit , so UnrealEngine is overrated as ‘‘best-engine’’.

    I know there are & other factors & stable fps are much more important than higher , but still 60 fps …

    I heard for example 1 total conversion of idtech4 (not sure if the original idtech4 also)
    can support stable 126 fps

    TB devs , I don’t say I criticise you for using it , but it is just prove to me it is not best engine out there with sure .

    I am aware that making total conversion is also not a good option , especially with small team , have seen it before …

    I hope that 60 fps limit is not made so for punishing people with better hardware & connection in interest of those with worse harware & poor e-net connection .
    It is not fair if that is the case …

    Not that mine is best , but my problem it is & shouldnt be taken under consideration .

  • What? You can’t judge an engine by it’s default option capping the FPS to smooth the framerate. :|

    The option is there for you to either up that limit or to prevent the engine from smoothing the framerate. No one is stopping you.

    I think that you’d be hard-pressed to find an engine that is as powerful, affordable and as easy to use as the Unreal Engine.

  • There is like no difference when you go from 60 to 120fps. Why is it such a big deal for you txc

  • I disagree.

    60HZ go 120HZ is amazing. It’s almost a CRT experience again, but not quite.

    It’s really impressive in terms of clarity and detail, I feel like I am cheating in some FPS games. … arison.jpg

  • i love the unreal3 engine myself and am very happy to see this game is using it.

  • Maybe I am wrong ,but for now it appeared to me , still nothing to convince me in the opposite & I am open for disscusion .

    Not the best engine , don’t means bad engine .
    It has its pluses , but to have less minuses is kind of suspicious .

    Easy to use & affordable should not be a factor to compare graphical engines .
    It’s extra , it’s developers’ choice .

    What really matters after the game is produced is how good is the engine’s performance .
    So how powerfull it is ? Supports more players than usual & very shiny graphics , maybe some other things which I am not aware of , but that don’t makes it ‘‘the best engine’’ .

    FPS is not like in small sized TV set here , even if you are playing with small size monitor 24 fps is low nevermind how stable ( I guess stable in that case is equal to smooth fps ) they are & you miss a lot of the action , & have seen a lot of stable low fps indication & the picture wasn’t smooth regardless there was almost no fpsdrops .

    Or maybe the fps indication there is not displaying properly fps ?


  • Unreal Engine 3.0 is not the best Engine.

    No Engine is the best Engine, I would say Source, but that is bias, because I am a Source fanboy to the level people are fangirls of Twilight.

    Some ENgines excel at doing certain things. Some are better at other things.

    No one Engine can really be the best of every type of game.

    You don’t sound like you know what you’re talking about; 24FPS? Why was that mentioned. Most TV’s do 60HZ at least…most console games are however, 30FPS. You’re thinking of movies, where 24FPS is the amount needed for the brain to think it is fluid motion. There’s also a ton of motion blur.

    A 90FPS cap does kinda bite, that’s just my opinion as 120HZ monitor user. But 90HZ is still better than 60HZ.

    Nothing wrong with it really. I can’t speak for this particular Unreal Engine game, but the reason it’s used so much is because it can scale up to unlimited threads / cores. SO it can take advantage of CPU’s very well. Optimized to the point that when new Unreal Engine 3.0 games come out, people with 4 year old rigs can play it @ low-medium with 40-50FPS. Most other Engines aren’t optimized well.

    A good example of this would be; Metro 2033. It’s been 2 years since release, and even running on a system with 4x the recommended requirements, you’ll be hard pressed to obtain 60FPS at all times on even just High settings, let alone Very High / Ultra. It’s a beautiful game, surely, but poorly optimized no doubt.

    Unreal Engine 3.0 is so versatile, it runs great. It’s real only problem is texture streaming, which is dumb, but was needed for Consoles. It works great for FPS / TPS and a variety of other little things, heck, one company even made a MMO out of it.

    The best part about it, from a developers standpoint, is the amount of documentation and help they can receive on it, since it is so widely used.

  • the source engine is outdated and not fit for melee combat, the hit boxes are terrible and always have been, when you walk forward the hitboxes trail behind you and when you walk backwards they trail in front of you.

  • @Mkilbride:

    You don’t sound like you know what you’re talking about; 24FPS? Why was that mentioned.

    Actually didn’t write what I intended (large typo) .

    Was meant that 24 is much better if you watch film not that it is good enough enough & is old believe 24 is enough .

    Still no info why UnrealEngine is outperforming so much other popular graphical engines & with what . A bit more optimized in something , which is not so big difference .

    I gave already example for engine supporting high fps rate & stable (or if you prefer smooth) . Supporting also is cappable of hitdetection like in that Chivalry MW video .

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