Other uses for customization, and FFA preference

  • I’ve had two ideas floating around in my head for a while now, and I would like to hear other opinions on it.

    First of all with customization coming up, I thought there could be certain emblems/colors that would be understood by the community to have a purpose other than appearance. For example, in a book I once read a travelling knight carried a buckler with an emblem of a blue fist on a white background. That emblem was understood to be the sign of a freelance, someone who was looking for work. I was wondering if something like that could be implemented in Chivalry, such as someone putting on an emblem/color that means they are looking for a clan. I am not really sure what else you could do with this idea, and I would appreciate it if anyone could think up of any other uses for this.

    My second idea is the idea of FFA preference. What I mean by this is being able to choose if you would like to play as a Mason or Agathian knight/vanguard/man at arms/archer in FFA. Maybe this could be somehow implemented in the customization menu, you could have an option for each class, kinda like how you equip veteran helms at the moment. You could have 3 options for each class, random, Agatha, or Mason. For example, let’s say that I like the appearance of the Agatha archer more than the Mason archer (Agatha archer has all the swag). I could turn the option for archer to “Agatha.” But if I don’t care, I could have the option on “random.”

    I am not sure if anyone has suggested these ideas yet, because I did not do a thorough search of the “Ideas and Suggestions” section. I apologize in advance if anyone has :? . And also this is my first post :D
    no h8 plz

  • The first idea is pretty well useless or should be organised by te community rather than the developers.

    But the FFA preference idea is good.

  • Thanks for teh feedback. :D

    Now that you pointed it out, I definitely think your right about the first idea being more of a community thing.

  • If i remember right. That second idea is implemented already (Yeah, i just had to test character customization)

  • @Hunutteri:

    If i remember right. That second idea is implemented already (Yeah, i just had to test character customization)


    You can test it?

    Is it in the beta?


  • About the first idea, I guess the devs could give all the emblems names, and we the community create meanings around them. There could be a special emblem of a fist (different one than Mason fist) or something else even, it could be named “Freelancer”. If people feel like that description represents them, they could use it.

    Although people are hardly freelancers in this game, you are either a Loyalist or a Mason.

  • @lemonater47:

    You can test it?

    The way i did it was: Chivalry:medieval beta>Properties>Betas>sdk :) (It isn’t ready yet, so it has bugs)

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