Archer: Canceling out of Bowdrawn animation

  • The patch says:
    “Ranged weapons can be swapped away from or have their attack canceled at any time.”

    Testing it shows that it is true. Unfortunately hitting ‘Q’ to cancel out of it when the animation of the bow being drawn back has started playing, the player is stuck walking at a speed which still has the bow drawn.

    Releasing LMB after hitting Q lets you walk/sprint normally again but reduces your ammo count by 1.

    This doesn’t seem the case if you try to switch to a secondary weapon (didn’t try fists), but only when using ‘Q’ to cancel out of an attack using bows.

    The loadout I had when this happened
    Warbow + Broadhead + Shortsword
    Mason team on Team Objective for Stonehill.

    Exact steps to re-create:
    Equip bow, and prepare an attack (Hold LMB).
    hit ‘Q’ after the sound cue plays of the bow being readied to fire OR after it is fully drawn back (Still Holding LMB).

    You should now be moving at the same speed as having your bow drawn back but it is not readied.

    Releasing LMB will return you to normal but reduce your ammo count by 1.
    If ammo count was at 1, you will auto switch to your secondary after releasing LMB.

    Didn’t know if my loadout would matter or if it affected all bows, but placed my loadout anyways.

    Another important note I forgot to mention:
    If you wait long enough while holding LMB after canceling a drawn back bow, the player speed will return to normal after the ‘timeout’ for the readied bow is reached. Its as if the player only cancels out of the animation instead of the actual attack.

  • Here is a video I recorded just to show


  • Will be addressed in a hotfix.

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